Saturday, January 5, 2019

Go to LAX Airport

Go to LAX airport
From 105 Freeway to CA-1 N/S Sepulveda Blvd, you can take the 2nd inner lane to turn into Sepulveda Blvd. No need to take inner most lane to turn into Sepulveda Blvd. The inner most lane will split into two lanes along the way. That becomes total 3 lanes. Then, change the lane to take the middle lane.

Just go the middle lane all the way (through traffic light and tunnel) following LAX Airport sign and will end up with two lanes. You will see "Arriving Flights" and "Departing Flights". Both two lanes can go to departure level. Only left lane can go down to Arrival level. Parking at arrival level is better because elevator in parking structure is not always working. Cross the street at arrival and go up with elevator inside airport.

LAX has two levels. Arrival level is the lower level and Departure floor is the upper level.

Departure Level:
Just follow the traffic but left lane all the way in departure level will lead to nearest parking structure. Change the lane to get out of nearest parking structure lane. Tom Bradley Terminal is at the end of the world way. Its parking structure is "P3" and can get in from the front of Tom Bradley Terminal. Both "P3" or "P4" parking structure can be used for Tom Bradley Terminal. 

Arrival Level:
If you go down to arrival level, you will arrive in the right most lane of World ways. Right most lane has all the "stop and go" vehicles. You better change to left most lane which is closer to parking structure. You can either turn into "P3" or "P4" parking structure for Tom Bradley Terminal.

Leaving LAX
Just follow GPS route and always take the middle lane. Sometimes, it will become 4 lanes. Then, become 3 lanes again. So, take the middle lane again.   Take the CA-1 north & south route as shown. *** Take a slight right turn and look for 105 East ***.

Note: Above notes are created for people who go to LAX once in a while. Due to traffic, constructions and other unforeseen events, the driving route might change. Follow your GPS instructions. Have a safe drive!!

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