Saturday, March 27, 2010

My First Public Website for Non-Profit Organization

I finished my exams one week ago and I would be free for a week holiday. We often invite the monk, who live near my place, to our place and treat lunch or dinner. Recently, we asked the monk whether there was any website for monastry. He told us that he bought the domain name 5 years ago and one guy helped built website. But the guy was busy and stopped working on website. So, there has been only one home page for 5 years until now.

So, last Friday, I offered him to build monastery's website as I had a week holiday. I was busy working on website for this whole week. We worked until 11pm plus every night and spent most of my time on it. I did not even have time to post any of this week baking. Today, 90% of website is completed and only left with photos, videos and audio uploading and documentation. is my first website running on public domain to be viewed by many users.  I feel good to have that opportunity to build website.

My hubby made the graphic design and color matching of website. The credits go to him and also thanked him for his hard work. I researched example codes, new technology and etc online to do the layout and functionality. I used the html, simple php and javascript example codes to do the pages. I have borrowed a lot of codes from online and put together to make them work. I did not use database as I was not very familiar with php and mySQL and also did not really know how to upload database to server. That's why, it is not very efficient in term of maintenance, future update from programmer point of view.

A week of hardwork is worthwhile. The monk also satisfies with overall design, layout and content. Most of the contents were provided by the monk and we also made some contributions on them. The first page was previously created by generous guy as I don't know his name. Here is the website url:

The monk will come to our place for tomorrow lunch and we will show him how to upload photos, videos and audios so that he can upload himself or someone can help him upload. I am going to tell him that anyone, who can do better, can take over the adminstration of website and future improvments and I most welcome about it. 

I still have to do documentation of website file structure so that it will be a lot of easier for anyone who takes over the website's administration. I am thinking of doing webpages for administrator section but I have to see my schedule as school reopens next week. I cannot commit all day like what I did this week.


  1. cousin.. impressive..... I am thinking to cook the Japanese rice ball.. I will take photo and send it to u but i dont have camera :L


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