Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Young Coconut Juice Jelly

 I was busy last week and also had a mid-term  exam on Monday. So, I did not have time to post the young coconut jelly and cupcake I did for last Sunday occasion at my aunt place. My aunt invited a Sayadaw from yangon, who is now in LA, to her place for lunch. I agreed to do young coconut jelly for people coming to her place and puff and cake for Sayadaw.

How do I know about young coconut jelly? When I was in Singapore, I heard from my aunts there that one of my aunt in Burma did coconut jelly using young coconut juice and it is very yummy. She learned from her cousin from Bago, Burma. That jelly is different from two layers coconut jelly we usually did in Burma. So, I tried it out in Singapore and it was successful. Since then, I am doing young coconut jelly for every burmese occasion. The funniest thing is that I still did not realize it was the same coconut jelly inside young coconut selling at pasamala in singapore until one day, I bought the young coconut jelly from stall and realized they were same. Today, I found interesting coconut jelly making in this website.

We can use any unflavored jelly powder and replace young coconut juice with required amount water on the instruction. Add sugar depend on our taste. I use the Golden Coins unflavored jelly powder as I only can find this so far in LA. One packet of Golden Coins requires 6 cups of water. The jelly become too soft and water comes out after a few hours at room temperature. So, I reduced the water to 5 cups instead  and the jelly texture is great. Adjust the sugar according to the taste.

By the way, I don't like the Telephone brand jelly texture. I heard from one lady from my aunt place told me that jelly strings also give good texture, but take longer time to dissolve the strings. I am going to try with jelly strings next time.

1 packet Golden Coins unflavored jelly powder (Konnyaku)
10 cups young coconut juices (9 young coconuts give approximately 10 cups of juice)
100g sugar

  1. Cut the top of all young coconuts and pour the juices into big bowl. After that sieve the juices to remove any tiny pieces of coconut.
  2. Get ready the aluminum pan and take out the pieces of soft coconut fresh with spoon and evenly distribute the small pieces of coconut fresh in the pan.
  3. Add jelly power into coconut juices, then add sugar and bring to boil. When boil, remove any purple color foam and sieve the juices into the pan. Ensure that the coconut fresh pieces are evenly distributed. 
  4. Let it cool till it sets.

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